Learn Spanish in Auckland and Wellington

learn Spanish with the spanish institute in auckland and wellington

15 Reasons to learn Spanish with the Spanish Institute in Auckland, Hamilton and Wellington


1. The Spanish Institute has been teaching Spanish since 2001 in Auckland, we have taught 1000s of New Zealanders, we have the experience to teach you quickly

2. All teachers are native speakers of Spanish from Latin America and Spain with degrees in Education, real teaching experience and enthusiatic to share their language and culture

4. Courses are designed for Kiwis and tailored to your needs

5. Small class sizes guarantee better teacher student interaction and faster learning

6. Free Instructional course books with every course, not a mismatch of photocopies or expensive books to buy on top of the course fees

7. Handy central locations, there is a Spanish school within easy walking or driving distance

8. Best value, our courses work out at $19 a class including small classes, native teachers and free course books, thats great value!

9. Lastly the Spanish instiute is certified, we are members of professional bodies, NZALT, STANZA and LANZBC

10. Flexible learning with the Spanish Institute, if yo choose the wrong level its free to change courses

11. Flexibility, if circumstances disrupt your life, let us know and you can defer your classes to a later date

12. Free online library of thousands of books and audios so that you can practice your Spanish in your free time on your computer, tablet or phone

13. Get a certificate to show your boss, for immigration or just wow your friends

14. The Spanish Insitute is part of the Foreign Languages Institute, you can also learn French, Italian, Portuguese and Mandarin with us and also benefit from being with the largest foreign language school in New Zealand

15. When you buy a Spanish course with the Spanish Institute there NO hidden costs - NO membership fees, NO expensive books to buy, NO contracts to sign...


30 Reasons to start learning spanish today!


1. Experience 20 countries where Spanish is the official language

2. Travel with confidence

3. Never get lost again

4. Save money while traveling

5. Experience the local way of life

6. Try amazing food

7. People will treat you better

8. Retire overseas

9. Learning Spanish can help you land a job

10. Do your job better

11. Earn more money

12. Travel to different countries for work

13. Volunteer and help those in need

14. Gives you a chance to study abroad

15. Inspire you to start a business

16. Learning Spanish can improve your dating prospects

17. Become one of the family

18. Get in touch with your roots

19. Make new and lasting friendships

20. Help your children learn Spanish

21. Impress your friends

22. Learning Spanish opens the door to other languages

23. Leads to a healthier brain

24. Boost your memory

25. Make you smarter

26. Help you learn other skills

27. Take on a big challenge

28. Help improve your English

29. Become a more interesting person

30. Understand the lyrics to your favorite songs