Reasons to learn Spanish in Auckland.

Reasons to learn SPANISH today!

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Reasons to learn Spanish today!

There are many reasons to learn a new language, here are 30 reasons to learn Spanish today!


1. Experience 20 countries where Spanish is the official language

2. Travel with confidence

3. Never get lost again

4. Save money while traveling

5. Experience the local way of life

6. Try amazing food

7. People will treat you better

8. Retire overseas

9. Learning Spanish can help you land a job

10. Do your job better

11. Earn more money

12. Travel to different countries for work

13. Volunteer and help those in need

14. Gives you a chance to study abroad

15. Inspire you to start a business

16. Learning Spanish can improve your dating prospects

17. Become one of the family

18. Get in touch with your roots

19. Make new and lasting friendships

20. Help your children learn Spanish

21. Impress your friends

22. Learning Spanish opens the door to other languages

23. Leads to a healthier brain

24. Boost your memory

25. Make you smarter

26. Help you learn other skills

27. Take on a big challenge

28. Help improve your English

29. Become a more interesting person

30. Understand the lyrics to your favorite songs



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