Spanish institute reviews - How Students lives changed from Learn Spanish

We've gotten a lot of great Spanish Institute reviews and feedback from our Spanish students over the years, telling us of their successes and how learning at the Spanish Institute changed their lives and gave them opportunities. Here are just a few stories sfrom the reviews::

improved spanish skills

I lived in Spain for a year, three years ago. When I came back to Auckland I enrolled in your school. The approach to learning, with the accompanying library is excellent and provides a logical, structured and fun way to learn. Last spring, when I went back to Spain, my friends told me that my Spanish was much improved. Thank you Spanish Institute


volunteer helps in central america

I traveled to Costa Rica to volunteer and make a difference. Learning to speak Spanish has really helped me to enjoy my travels. As I now sponsor several Costa Rican children through World Vision, your course has allowed me to effectively speak with them. Thank you very much


reconnected to my culture

I was born in New Zealand and grew up in our monolingual education system, I was not allowed by my teachers to speak anything other than English at home so I grew up only speaking English. After taking classes at the Spanish Institute I was able to talk to my mother in Spanish, visit our relatives in Latin America and live there for some time. When my mother had a stroke a few years later and temporarily lost her ability to speak English I was able to translate for her medical staff which was invaluable for her recovery and well being.


better manage my seasonal workers

I bought this course because I work with many seasonal farm workers. Sometimes I could get away with giving instruction in English, but often I could see that they did not understand. After doing this course I can now give them special instructions, tell them where to go and everybody is on the same page with no misunderstandings. Best thing I have ever done!


english teacher working in peru

I decided to take some private classes to brush up on my high school Spanish as I was applying to teach in Peru, in no time I gained the confidence to speak in Spanish thanks to my amazing teacher. Thank you for the links to schools in Peru, I managed to land a job at Britanica in Lima, the 1st school I contacted. Muchas Gracias


Working Holidays Visas: Learn about 1 year Working Holiday Visas in Latin America and Spain for New Zealanders!


Spanish Language Courses in auckland, Hamilton, Palmerston North and wellington

We have been offering the highest-quality Spanish teaching instruction for almost 20 years. With 100s students a year, we are the largest language school in New Zealand dedicated to the instruction of Spanish.

  • SIELE EXAM CENTRE: Certify your level of Spanish with the SIELE Spanish exams at the Spanish Institute.
  • Instructors: Native Spanish speakers, experienced and fully certified to teach Spanish as a foreign language (ELE).
  • Method: Developing communication skills through the latest communicative and task based approaches in Spanish teaching and by incorporating the use of video, audio, and printed materials, carefully selected to best fit New Zealand students' needs.
  • Courses: A wide variety of courses at all levels and interests for adults, teenagers, children and toddlers are scheduled at various convenient times.
  • Class Sizes: Classes have a maximum of around 10 students to ensure a personalised, student-centred experience.
  • Prices: Our prices are the best we can offer, the course price includes free coursebooks.
  • Course Levels: We teach Spanish to students of all ages, levels and ability from A1 to C2.
  • Specialist courses: We offer corporate classes and specialty courses tailored to your particular needs and outcomes.
  • Technique: Our teaching conforms to the guidelines of the Common European Framework of References for languages.

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The Spanish Institute runs the following events:

  • Spanish Movie Nights
  • Spanish language days
  • Spanish and Latin American Wine tastings
  • Spanish Quiz Nights
  • Spanish Open Days and Markets
  • Seminars from dignatories from the Spanish and Latin American Embassies


The Spanish Institute is a member of the following associations:

  • STANZA (Spanish Teachers Association of New Zealand)
  • NZALT (New Zealand Association of Language Teachers)
  • LANZBC (Latin America New Zealand Business Council)


About Us

Spanish Institute is an official immersion Spanish Language School situated in Auckland, Hamilton, Palmerston North and Wellington. Learn Spanish in our small interactive immersion classes with expert and passionate native speaker Spanish teachers from Latin America and Spain using the latest teaching methodologies. We offer a wide range of Spanish lessons for beginner (A1) to master (C2) levels following the official Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) and we will prepare you for the official Spanish language exams (SIELE) and travel to Latin America & Spain. The Spanish Institute is the only official SIELE Spanish language exam centre in New Zealand.
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