Learn Spanish online with our live interactive online Spanish distance learning and Zoom group classes. Learn to speak Spanish with our online Spanish teachers and free materials all over New Zealand, you no longer need to be in a big city or drive to class... We use for the online classes the user-friendly Google meet platform, which is like Zoom, Skype and Teams but totally free and you can connect for free to your online group Spanish lessons from your computer, tablet or mobile device. The online Spanish lessons are interactive just like our regular group Spanish courses, conversation based while taking into account all four Spanish language skills: speaking, listening, reading, and writing.

The Spanish Institute is an official Spanish School and the only online Siele Spanish Examination Centre in New Zealand. The Spanish Institute follows the official Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) in all our classes from beginners Spanish courses (A1) to Masters level lessons(C2). All courses are taught by certified Spanish native teachers from Latin America and Spain in fun and interactive small immersion classes in convenient online and school locations in New Zealand:

Timetable information

  • The dates listed are start dates for the 8 week courses. A course runs at the same day and time of the week as its start date for 8 weeks of language lessons. (8 weeks x 1 1/2 hour classes = 12 hours)
  • There are no classes on public holidays


  • $190, includes 8 weeks of classes, qualified online teachers from Spain & Latin America, small class sizes, free materials. There are no hidden membership fees or contracts.


Spanish course for beginners (A1) teaches Spanish to individuals without prior knowledge of the Spanish Language and this course follows the official Common Framework of Reference for languages (Cefr). You will learn basic Spanish phrases and vocab for greetings and farewells, asking and providing personal information, ordering food and drinks, asking for information, requesting and giving directions and buying tickets, You will learn how to speak Spanish quick and easy, proper pronunciation, useful vocabulary, Spanish grammar, conjugation of the most common regular and irregular Spanish verb tenses and important aspects of Spanish Culture.

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The Improvers Spanish course (A2) is intended for those who have completed Spanish for Beginners (A1) language courses. You will learn to understand sentences and frequently used Spanish expressions related to areas of most immediate relevance (e.g. very basic personal and family information, shopping, local geography and employment).

Prerequisite courses:

  • You have to completed the Beginners Spainsh A1, Ncea Level 1 or the following University courses (Auckland Uni's SPANISH 104, Victoria Uni's SPAN 101 & Waikato's SPANISH 131)

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Upon completion of the Spanish Intermediate Language courses (B1) you will be able to understand the main points of clear standard input on familiar matters that are regularly encountered at work, school, leisure, discuss your travels, describe people, discuss sports, handle new situations, giving and asking for advice and expressions of your opinions.You will be able to deal with most situations that are likely to arise whilst travelling in an area where the Spanish language is spoken and daily and work life.

Prerequisite courses:

  • You have to completed the Spanish Improvers A2, Ncea Level 2 and University courses (Auckland Uni's SPANISH 105, Victoria Uni's SPAN 102 & Waikato's SPANISH 132)

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After the Upper Intermdiate courses (B2) you will understand the main ideas of complex Spanish text on both concrete and abstract topics and can interact with a degree of Spanish fluency and spontaneity with native Spanish speakers in the real world.

Prerequisite courses:

  • You have to completed the Spanish Intermediate B1, Ncea Level 3 and University courses (Auckland Uni's SPANISH 200, Victoria Uni's SPAN 201-2 & Waikato's SPANISH 231)

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After completing theAdvanced Level Spanish (C1) course you will be able to understand and express ideas fluently and spontaneously in Spanish. You will be able to use Spanish flexibly and effectively for social, academic and professional purposes.

Prerequisite courses:

  • You have to completed the Spanish B2 = University courses (Auckland Uni's SPANISH 301, Victoria Uni's SPAN 301-2 & Waikato's SPANISH 310)

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At th eMaster Spanish C2 CEFR level, a Spanish language learner can understand almost everything read or heard with ease. Summarize information from a variety of sources into a coherent presentation. Express themselves using precise meaning in complex real life scenarios.

Prerequisite courses:

  • You have to completed the Advanced Spanish C1 course at the Spanish Institute.

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Certify your Spanish, take the Siele Spanish proficiency exam, necessity for work, study & immigrating. Also we provide Siele preparation courses apart from our regular A1-C2 Spanish coures for sitting this Spanish exam. The Spanish Institute is the only offcial Siele Exam Centre in New Zealand.

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Learn Spanish with private Spanish teachers and tutors at our schools in Auckland & Wellington. We offer classes to your needs for travel, work, and for studying for NCEA, SIELE, DELE, IB...

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  • Price $190.00
  • Spanish
  • 8 lessons
  • Course Certificate
  • Small class size
  • Free Materials

SPANISH COURSES START DATES 2024 online zoom classes


ONLINE Spanish COURSES (Google Meet)

Mon 9 January 6.00-7.30pm
Thu 26 January 6.00-7.30pm
Sat 4 February 12.00-1.30pm




Tue 17 January 6.00-7.30pm




Wed 18 January 6.00-7.30pm


intermediate SPANISH 2 COURSES (b1.1) START DATES 2024


Fri 10 February 6.00-7.30pm



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2013-2015 University of Zaragoza, Professional Higher Education in Child Development
2013-2015 Océano Atlántico Education Center Spain, English, Spanish Literature, and Sports Teacher
2017-2018 Spanish for Business Language School Brazil, Corporate Spanish teacher


About Us

Spanish Institute is an official immersion Spanish Language School situated in Auckland, Hamilton, Palmerston North and Wellington. Learn Spanish in our small interactive immersion classes with expert and passionate native speaker Spanish teachers from Latin America and Spain using the latest teaching methodologies. We offer a wide range of Spanish lessons for beginner (A1) to master (C2) levels following the official Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) and we will prepare you for the official Spanish language exams (SIELE) and travel to Latin America & Spain. The Spanish Institute is the only official SIELE Spanish language exam centre in New Zealand.
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