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How Can You Register for the SIELE Exam?

The Spanish Institute is the only accredited Siele Spanish Examination centre in Auckland and Wellington. Registration and payment for the SIELE exam is done online through The registration process involves 3 steps:

  1. Choose the type of exam you wish to take (SIELE Global or any of the 5 independent modalities)
  2. Select the country, date and examination centre in which you wish to obtain your SIELE certificate of Spanish.
  3. Print your completed registration form with all required information and bring it to the exam center along with your stated identification on the day of your SIELE exam. You will need to present this information to the examiner.

How much does the SIELE exam cost?

Exam Type Price
SIELE Global 155 €
S1: Reading & Listening 55 €
S2: Reading & Writing 75 €
S3: Listening & Oral 100 €
S4: Oral 75 €
S5: Writing & Oral 100 €


When and where can you take part in the SIELE exam?

You can participate in the SIELE exam in more than 70 countries in over 300 centers around the globe – including here at the Spanish Institute in Auckland and Wellington! You can select specific dates when searching for centres on, or by contacting the center directly to set up a time and date. At the Spanish Institute we have SIELE exam dates published for each month. But if another date suits you better, we flexibly open up spaces for you. Just request an exam space by phone or email by filling out our contact form and selecting SIELE as the subject.

What Can You Expect On the Exam Day?

On the day of the exam, be sure to go to the examination centre 15 minutes before the time of your exam and bring your official documents as well as your login credentials for (i.e. email and password). Your evaluation will be done electronically, with a maximum possible score of 250 points per section. You will be informed of the time left to finish throughout the examination. After the allotted execution time, the test is blocked and automatically advanced to the next one.

When Do You Receive the SIELE Results and How Do they Look Like?

In a maximum time period of three weeks, you can download your certificate or SIELE report from "My Page" on When taking the Global SIELE, you receive a certificate of international recognition, which includes a test score related to the levels of CEFR and a numerical score of 0 to 1000 based on the results of the sum obtained in each test. If you do any of the SIELE independent modalities, you receive a report that includes the score obtained in the test or tests carried out and its correspondence with the CEFR levels. In both cases, you will receive a certificate and report with a brief description of what a user of the corresponding level proficiency is capable of performing in the activity of the corresponding language. To facilitate the verification of these results by entities that want to know the level of Spanish of a candidate, a secure verification code is provided and inserted in, providing the candidate's exam results. The SIELE test score levels and their correlation with the CEFR levels are as follows:

How Can You Prepare for the SIELE Exam?

The advantages of our SIELE Exam Preparation Course in a nutshell:

  1. You can prepare AND take the SIELE exam at our centre.
  2. You will get a discount if you take our combination course and sit the exam at our Academy.
  3. Practice reading, writing, listening and talking in Spanish and receive instant feedback on how you are doing.
  4. You will be trained by native Spanish speakers who specialize in teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language.
  5. We have exam dates published for each month. Or you can let us know up to 48 business hours before you want to sit the exam and we will publish the specific date for you.
  6. We will help you with the registration process for the SIELE exam if needed.

How Can You Register for the SIELE Exam?

Registration and payment for the SIELE exam is done online through

Siele Exam Guide

For further information download the Siele Exam guide pdf



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